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qwesteo_banner 30.10.2017

Qwesteo & Noreve : an ambitious partnership of the hotel and catering industry

Innovation project to improve customer satisfaction Lire la suite

banner-noreve_iphone-8-vs-Note-8_V2 13.09.2017

The best Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X & Samsung Galaxy Note8 cases !

Discover the must-have for smartphone protections Lire la suite

baner-NL-1170x400-2 11.04.2017

Already ready for the launching of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ covers

Noreve is launching a range of covers dedicated to Samsung users
Lire la suite

Couverture_Slide_orange 17.11.2016

Orange, Rayonnance & Noreve : A winning trio !

A know-how and quality of Noreve brand at the service of Orange Lire la suite

iPhone_7_iPhone_7_Plus_Couverture 13.09.2016

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus finally revealed!

The iPhone 7 version is announced and now available – in preordering – since 9th of September 2016 and in official sale is from the 16th! Lire la suite

Cover_Webcam_Saint-Tropez_2016 04.03.2016

Noreve Saint-Tropez now has a 180° HD panoramic webcam!

The most famous village of the Côte d’Azur is now on camera! Lire la suite

Apple_iPhone_6_photo de couverure 18.09.2014

Ultra-classy protective cases to allow you to fully enjoy your new iPhone

This Autumn 2014, Apple’s new babies are on everyone’s lips

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iphone_6 17.03.2014

An iPhone 6 or an iPhone Air real soon?

Apple is said to have ordered 90 millions of smartphone from Foxconn. Lire la suite

New_smartphone_tablets_leather_cases_Noreve 29.01.2014

Be ready, there are new products on their way!

New products from Noreve courtesy ! Lire la suite