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Se protéger des radiations des téléphones 15.03.2018

How To Save Yourself From Mobile Radiation

What you need to know about it  !

We may be moving towards a dependence on technology and using technology even during sleep, we often forget to look at the dark side.

Let’s start by counting the number of gadgets you have at this moment. You are reading this on a mobile or a tablet or even a laptop and have other devices on the table beside you. Then there is the smartwatch/fitness monitor on your wrists and the wireless earphones (if not you, somebody else around you, is using them).

Oh, I forgot to mention the Wi-Fi signals all around us, perpetually keeping us connected, and did I add satellite signals near high power communication towers? That is a lot of radiation exposure, so better to know the side effects of all that radiation exposure.

How significant is radiation exposure?

Electronics devices around us emit various form of wireless signals, some of them we actively use, others we don’t. For example, the connection between your fitness tracker and your mobile phone keeps track of your activities, so that you can observe and check the data at a later stage. Others, like the GPS, are used to keep tabs on our location even when we might not need it.

SAR rating on a phone

Keeping this in mind, electronic device manufacturers often provide a Specific Absorption Rate or SAR rating with the gadgets. SAR value is the rate of the radio frequency (RF) energy absorbed by us or living tissue to be more precise. This absorption is insignificant in the short term but causes some significant issues in the long run.

Controlling radiation exposure with leather covers and cases

Since not all of us can cut off gadgets from our lives, we need to look for alternatives. So how about we look to minimise this exposure. A certain level of exposure could be reduced if we could reduce the exposure from our gadgets, but since we can’t do anything about all the Wi-Fi around is, let’s not fret over it. A popular solution for radiation exposure is lead lining (If it can block Superman’s vision, it should be good). But unless you want your mobile phone to feel like a heavy brick, let’s look at some realistic options. Studies have shown leather is a great solution for reducing SAR exposure. So how about going for some nice quality leather to build your fashion statement.

Starting with fitness tracker

Most fitness trackers work on the basis of radiation exposure (well under the safe limits). So there’s not a lot of possibilities, but this exposure can be minimised by using leather straps instead of the plastic/rubber that usually come out of the box. Leather is better at absorbing radiation and adds a certain flare to your style, you might like to check out these leather straps for smartwatches.

leather strap for apple watch

Next comes the mobile

We may not like accepting it, but we are addicted to our mobiles more than we realise. So it would be great if we could do something about all that exposure. A great way to do that is to add a case to your phone that could take care of the radiation for you. These premium quality cases from Noreve not only take care of the radiation, but also work as a fashion statement for you. The ranges to choose from, are endless, colour options, numerous.

Wallet type Patine Case for Samsung S8
Galaxy S8 leather case
Galaxy S9 tradition leather case
Galaxy note 8 Exception Menthe vintage case


Let’s talk about your laptop next

Unless you are a newbie, chances are, you have used a laptop computer as envisioned, on your lap. Using a laptop in your lap exposes you to heat and radiation. There have been countless studies that show the harmful effects of using a laptop on your lap. Per Urologists, “The radiation and heat can affect your fertility and potentially cause all sorts of other issues.” So how to solve this issue?


Get a laptop sleeve for starters, and if it’s a quality product, all the better. Laptops sleeves and covers are available in all forms, shapes and sizes these days. They add a look of quiet sophistication in addition to radiation protection. With the ability to customise per your requirements, what more can you ask for? You could ask for no radiation from your devices, but we all know that’s not happening anytime soon.

Comment se protéger des radiations de téléphones ?
Comment se protéger des radiations de téléphones ?

Now that we removed three major sources of radiation from your surroundings, you should be a little safer. But we as humans always look for more. Is keeping safe enough? Or do we aspire for a little more? How about adding a fashion statement with premium design?

Accessories as a fashion statement

Leather accessories are often used as a fashion statement all around us. Everything looks more powerful in leather: leather wallets look better than plastic wallets, leather jackets look better than cotton or woollen jackets. Leather is always an indicator of quality, and appreciation of the handiwork of craftsmen. The leather used by craft masters of the house Noreve is handpicked and moulded to perfection before delivering to the customers. Stand apart in the crowd with these handcrafted pieces of art from the house of Noreve.

Drafted for Noreve by: Saurabh DurgapalGuest author Saurabh

Saurabh is a regular contributor to tech magazines & works as a consultant for Digital marketing activities. He has been an author with & has strong experience with technical content generation & marketing. He likes to accessorise his gadgets and provide insightful information into improving your lifestyle with the best in quality. Get in touch with him through LinkedIn or Twitter.

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