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Elegant and secure, choose the strap, 100% leather, from Noreve.

Elegant and secure, choose the strap, 100% leather, from Noreve.

This wrist strap is the bold, practical detail you need for your phone case to give you the freedom and peace of mind you need to get around. Complete with a metal buckle and forged from the finest leather of your choice, this strap is a perfect match for any Noreve covers and pouches collection.

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Our covers and pouches are designed to combine aesthetics and longevity. That’s why our master leatherworkers have made sure that nothing is left to chance to offer you this glamorous new accessory for your daily life.

By choosing to add the “strap” option to your Noreve mobile protection, you reduce the risk of losing your smartphone to zero and you bet on the quality and aesthetics associated with the sturdiness and longevity of our protective covers.

Women will love its protective side and its jewel effect around the wrist. Men will appreciate this modern gentleman’s accessory that balances their overall look.


Photo : Jap-photo, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, octobre 2022.

Aesthetic and eco-friendly cases and pouches

Noreve has put in place an ecological approach to reduce waste during the production of the brand’s cases and pouches. The “strap” personalization is part of this eco-responsible approach and our increasingly pressing desire to leave a positive impact on the environment.

Like all our options, the “strap” option is designed on demand in order to limit stock, avoid waste and meet your desires.

A customizable and stylish strap according to your desires

Noreve is known for the authenticity of its covers and pouches as well as for its originality, creativity and innovation.

Noreve offers you the possibility to add the “strap” option on its entire collection of high-end protective covers and pouches.( iPhone cases , Galaxy cases …), in the leather and color of your choice:

Tradition : Leather cover with vertical flap
Tradition B : Leather wallet cover with horizontal flap
Tradition C: Leather pouch
Tradition D : Leather cover with horizontal flap
Tradition E : Leather case

You can adopt the tone on tone directly available on the website or choose to contrast with an accessory of another color. To do so, simply send us a message and you will always be well received and advised.

Other options are also available on our website: shoulder straps, neck strap, belt loop, easel… It is also possible to customize your phone cover with photo printing, a logo, initials, a name, a small message. This makes them luxurious and personal gifts that are always highly appreciated.



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