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Votre peinture by Alicia Noël 06.07.2018

Artistic Personalization by Alicia Noel !

An exclusive novelty of art and creativity

Over the years Noreve has found a place in the world of luxury for the creation of accessories and small leather goods of all kinds. Noreve now offers you an exclusive chance to transform your leather case or small leather accessory into a true work of art!

paints used in covers

The convergence of aesthetics and painting: exclusively pioneered by Noreve!

This incredible project, unique in the world, was born from a simple meeting between passionate creators from the house of Noreve and a painter with a unique talent.
Our designer will craft the painting of your choice, by hand on to your Noreve accessory. Created with an artistic blend of acrylic and resin, the artwork is applied by the knife with gentle yet precise dashes of shadows and lights. Delicate details are then beautifully prepared and complemented to these lines with the gentle strokes of a brush. The technique is unique from the one used in paintings.
After completing the initial drawing, a minimum drying time is required. Once this is done, touches of color and gold dust are applied with precision and creativity. The resin is poured in the last stage, always after a suitable drying time. This offers a relief that gives depth to the colors and protects the drawing.
Soft to the touch, it brings the final touch to these unique and original little works of art. No risk of peeling, loss of color, or degradation. The technique has been studied and validated for its strength and durability.
You can choose between several model drawings that the artist has personally devised in accordance with the emblems of our Tropézienne brand
Bell tower of Saint-Tropez on the cover
The bell tower is the true symbol of the village of Saint-Tropez. It dominates and illuminates the village with its ocher and sienna colors creating a striking contrast with the blue of the sea. Many times photographed from the sea, the land and the sky, it is the most representative image of our city.
sail on the shell
The sail refers to the love of the sea and the ships that reign the village and the port of Saint-Tropez. Every year thousands of people come from all over the world to enjoy this marine atmosphere.
Peacock on the shell
The peacock is a majestic animal that one can have the pleasure of crossing by walking to the citadel of Saint-Tropez and its surroundings. They live in freedom under the benevolence and protection of Saint-Tropezians.
The skull on a cover
The skull was chosen by a panel of surveyed clients. Ultra trendy, it is the timeless symbol of fashion and style. It represents the motorcycle lovers and more particularly the Harley-Davidson who tread every year the cobblestones of Saint-Tropez.
Paint & Acrylic for covers
The pink flamingo is the emblem bird of the Camargue. It attracts many travelers each year, curious to see this large bird with pink plumage.

100% Artisanal, 100% Tropézien, 100% Art

Our selection of drawings is not random, they represent the roots of Saint-Tropez which are strong symbols of history and emotion. These symbols have always been the reputation of the Saint-Tropezian brand.
Each painting is unique and entirely handmade. Yours will never be the same as the ones we present here. The shades and colors can never be the same from one creation to another.
This painting with delicate shades affixed to the high-end leathers of Maison Noreve will magnify your accessories by giving them a rare elegance.
It is also possible to request a drawing “à la carte”, subject to being feasible with the technique used. In this case, it will be necessary to wait for the validation of the artist.
Whatever product you choose (phone shell, tablet cover, wallet, pouches, business card holder, checkbook holder, desk pad, bags..) imagine your own creation and make it into an absolutely unique and creative object!

Meet the artist: Alicia Noël

When I entered Alicia Noel’s studio, I was struck by the atmosphere that prevailed. A mixture of sweetness and scent emanated from this luminous room where brushes and pots faced each other in the greatest harmony.  In her work, is a true relationship with the material and a deep respect of the products. The layers are superimposed before our eyes in a benevolent atmosphere where only the background music and the crisp sound of the brushes are heard.
Alicia Noel

The motto of artist Alicia Noël: « Wear ART ! »

Another way of communication for businesses

This first-rate artistic collaboration offers companies another way to communicate with unique and unique communication media.
Our creations are also great corporate gift ideas that will make an impression and help maintain excellent relationships with customers and partners..

Alicia Noel Design
Alicia Noel design

We offer a wide range of high quality leather accessories, all of which are customizable with your logo. For example, we can even have your logo entirely hand-painted by our artist.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact us through the page: Our Offers for Businesses

Make your desires speak and let our artist bring your imagination to life!

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