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Discover the backstage of the workstage of the Maison Noreve

The reference in mobile protection.

Its values are based on the principles for which Saint-Tropez is renowned: craftsmanship, customization and excellence. For 18 years, Noreve has been designing its accessories as works of art that offer everyone a piece of the Tropezian dream. The French artisanal house combines creativity and innovation to manufacture exceptional products, in top-of-the-range materials, in harmony with life to inspire confidence and elegance.


Unique and sophisticated creations

Noreve, positioned on the luxury segment, creates custom-made accessories, according to the tastes and desires of its customers. Each year, it creates new products that enrich its collection. Today, the brand offers more than 5,000 references with more than a dozen finishes, a hundred different colors and options that never cease to surprise us year after year (support, engraving, initials, necklace, shoulder straps…).

Its authentic designs are lovingly crafted to embody glamour, sophistication and ergonomics. The fruits of this passionate and exciting work are unique handcrafted creations that resemble you and that will stand by your side through time with elegance and lust.

A workshop worthy of the greatest

In order to produce high quality accessories, Noreve needed a workshop worthy of the name. Today, Noreve is proud to present you the backstage and invites you to let yourself be carried through its images which reflect the colors and the atmosphere of this so particular place where you can almost smell the leather and the passion of the men and women who work there.

Noreve selects quality European leathers and collaborates with renowned tanneries in order to obtain the best hides, the most resistant and the most capable of aging to perfection. The objective is achieved: to create exceptional products that are durable and elegant.

The manufacturing steps are regulated like a score under the sharp eye of the conductor. Some craftsmen make the molds to obtain a perfect fit for each creation. The leathers are cut by hand according to the shape and size of the desired object. The seams are carefully applied, with great respect for the materials.

The artisans follow a minimum of six months of training in order to master the assembly and manufacturing techniques of each model. This long and essential stage allows them to reach the level of requirement required by the brand to be able to make high quality products.

Like musicians, the steps follow each other with harmony and precision to arrive at a unique final product made according to the customer’s requests.


Reach for the moon to touch perfection

Every day, Noreve pursues its quest for excellence, hand in hand with its customers, because they are the ones who made this small French company what it is today: the true reference in high-end protection for mobile devices. Always listening to its customers, it constantly completes its offer by being always well anchored in the present.

This is how it launched the UV printing and engraving of its creations in order to answer a pressing demand from its subscribers. From now on, it is possible to print a text or a photo on your cover in order to push the personalization to its paroxysm for our greatest happiness.

This is also how Noreve has developed its range of accessories for the office or for hotels and restaurants.

Noreve continues to improve its production process. The manufacturing and processing time of each order will be considerably reduced in the medium term. Quality takes time, but the small company from the south of France is implementing new ways of working in order to meet the increasing demand of its customers for shorter production times.

Finally, Noreve has a friendly, human and reactive customer service, which takes great pleasure in handling requests and answering all questions.

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