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Coques et housses personnalisables 12.08.2019

Noreve® launches a luxury service: a second leather skin for my mobile

New unique and exclusive options.

Quilted option
Rear Stand option

Noreve®, a premium French brand specialising in the manufacture of genuine leather hulls for Smartphones, was created in 2003 by Michaël Massat. This small company on a human scale, loyal to its home port of Saint-Tropez, continues its international development. The brand has just launched a new manufacturing method, accompanying its customers in the customization of their mobile phone leather shell. We knew the “do-it-yourself”, now we have the “do-it-with you”!

Noreve pushes the limits of customization of our mobile shells

The leather goods manufacturer offers its customers such a wide range of options – models, leather and interior lining colours, quilted finish (or not), compartments for credit cards, addition of an inlaid easel, embossed engraving (logo, name, initials etc.), overprinting, addition of a belt clip (metal or plastic) – that Noreve® shells become quite simply unique… And it is even possible to request the removal of the Noreve® logo. The Grail!

Unique know-how in the world in the manufacture of shells for smartphones and tablets

Add your engraving
Rear cards slots option

A unique know-how in the manufacture of smartphone shells and tablHow is such a service, with such a high level of customization, made possible? As this type of shell is manufactured to order, the leather goods manufacturer can thus meet all the requests made to him, without the final additional cost being disproportionate to the personal satisfaction that this shell provides. From now on, with Noreve®, having a custom-made shell, like those of the major luxury brands, is an accessible dream. Among the 3 ranges – Tropezian Temptation, Addiction and Patina – the customer can then offer himself, through the case, a distinctive accessory, a kind of must have in view of the importance of the mobile phone in the life of the hyperconnected.

A range in the colours of Saint-Tropez, the brand’s flagship

The Tentation Tropézienne range, which has been acclaimed for several years now, is distinguished by its discreet silkscreen printing of the Saint-Tropez bell tower, and seduces with its wide range of colours. A true concentration of Saint-Tropez, the range has been designed around all the identity codes of the small emblematic port. The young entrepreneur, Michaël Massat, says “having tested the enthusiasm generated by the first customizable shells with the Tentation range. This range is currently one of the best-selling in stores in Saint-Tropez: it is the DNA of the Noreve® brand. It seduces foreigners who take with them a part of Saint-Tropez’ dream, just like the dynamic entrepreneur from Tropeze. Based on this feedback of customer experience, we wanted to extend this notion of customization to two other ranges, Patine and Addiction. This service has been available since July 2019 on the Noreve® online store, with 10 leather ranges (dyed up to 3 mm thick for a better durability), 8 to 12 colours per range, padded seams, belt clip, button, flap, card compartment, easel on the back, more than 80 inner linings, gift wrapping.

Such a promise of distinction is a luxury service for the Tropezian leather goods manufacturer

Remove all brand marks
Gift wrapping Option

The manufacturing secret of Noreve® lies in listening to the market and its loyal customers. A demanding manufacture, made possible by the know-how of craftsmen specialized in luxury and haute couture in leather goods. A pioneer in the field since 2003, Noreve® has been able to stand out against the biggest brands, with the first models of Palm, H120, ipod mini… The reputation of quality leather goods has established itself over time… and for very good reasons. Noreve® only works with genuine leather (3 mm) from Europe that meets European standards, which is anti-allergenic and guaranteed for life, while the shells are made with exclusive Noreve® moulds… Of course, this permanent quest for quality takes time in terms of development, but the Tropezian leather worker knows that this leitmotiv generates a lot of satisfaction and very low quality returns. The Noreve® leather shells become a real second skin of security, if by any chance the mobile were to fall.

Unique, aesthetic and protective shells

The Noreve® ranges are aimed at everyone, especially people looking for unique recognition and singularity. Tattoos mark their skin, the skin of their phone can be marked with their claw. Noreve® inspires and reveals the creativity of its customers. From then on, an emotional bond is naturally created between them and this personalization service. And because the young brand lacks neither resources nor creativity, other projects are still to come, such as the creation of a companion centre in Saint-Tropez and the upcoming opening of a concept store.
Accessing the Noreve® service is easy from home, since the 3 ranges are sold online on

1. I choose my shell according to the reference of the Smartphone or my tablet, my tastes, the trends of the moment
2. I customize my shells according to my needs
3. Quickly at home, I am delivered in 14 days all over the world.

Get the customizable Noreve® leather shells :

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