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small leather goods from Noreve 06.02.2018

Elegant Leather Handicrafts: New Creations for 2018!

Protect your data with our very first collection of Anti-RFID leather accessories.

Maison Noreve, a specialist in high-end leather creations since 2003, offers a wide choice of elegant quality leather products based on their unique skills and experience in this craft.

A pioneer in the mobile leather protection market for more than 14 years, the Saint-Tropez brand has been able to rely on the unrivalled know-how of its leather craftsmen to offer their clients a collection of essential accessories for their everyday life, defined by luxury within reach.

Thanks to its artisanal production workshops, its offices based in Saint-Tropez and its cosmopolitan website, it is thus possible for everyone, regardless of their country, to browse Noreve’s website and order a customized product, one that is handcrafted in the most beautiful leathers available today.

Men and Women’s Small Leather Products (Travel & Daily)

This range of small luxury leather goods (card cases, briefcases and more) symbolise both aesthetic and practical functions:



Card and Ticket Holders

Grey Card Cases


Travel Pouches

Additional Anti RFID / NFC system! Stop Data Theft

Faced with the upsurge of credit card piracy, Noreve has developed a range of adapted products that will secure your data and therefore your bank account!

What are the risks of RFID?

Brief explanation: Your new credit cards now have a contactless payment system that revolutionizes the way we shop, every day. The problem however, is that these cards with integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification / Radio Frequency Identification) chips work with a wireless system that can be hacked. Thieves will steal your credit card numbers without having to touch your wallet. Everything happens from the outside, through the materials of your purse or pocket. This happens frequently today in public places such as railway stations, airports, monuments, cafes, cinemas, theatres …

Credit cards are not the only ones involved, attacks can also affect our club cards (tennis, squash, gym, football field, ski pass, golf, etc.).

What is an effective solution?

The only solution against this type of invisible attack is to surround a bank card with a particular protective film that can block these wireless signals.

To help protect our customers from this new risk, Maison Noreve has decided to take the lead and start creating several models of anti RFID / NFC (near field communication) products.

This article is composed of the material C12. Invented by Schlegel Electronic Materials, this material has required more than 20 years of research and development. C12 provides the best attenuation 97.4 dB and protection over a frequency range between 100 KHZ and 2GHZ (this range is used by RFID technology). An anti-RFID texture protects you from “sniffers” who try to recover data from your credit / debit cards in public places. This texture is the most effective way against electronic theft and the protection of your banking and personal information.

Chic and modern, these new essential accessories for our everyday life will gradually replace our old card holders to secure our banking data and allow us to move anywhere, with peace of mind!

The craftsmen of Maison Noreve offer you a very wide choice of colours and textures, for creating the perfect leather product that you wished for. All integrating anti-theft system and anti RFID features. Discover, the very first tested models below that combine elegance, sobriety, technology & safety.

The card holder anti-RFID / NFC (1 cards)

The card holder anti-RFID / NFC (2 cards)

The card holder anti-RFID / NFC (4 cards)

The card holder anti-RFID / NFC (6 cards)

This collection of new small leather goods, chic, modern and essential is accessible on the site

Elegance, luxury and safety at your fingertips!

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