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carre_soie_port 27.03.2017

A silk scarf in a spirit of Saint-Tropez

Noreve launches its first silk scarves and suit pocket handkerchiefs

In occation of its 13th anniversary Noreve has decided to mark a Tropezian spirit by creating a rare particularly coveted product, the suit pocket handkerchiefs with a Saint-Tropez spirit, a real treasure worthy of the noblest names !

Creating this exceptional products a Noreve Concept store shows its desire to propose the unique and exceptional products of remarkable quality like silk scarves in Tropezian spirit. Our aim is to become a Tropezian brand by excellence !

Each our novelty is (or will be) designed in carefully selected materials like these silk scarves made of pure silk a real symbol of French elegance and charm.

To realize each piece so sophisticated it is necessary the hours of conception, imagiantion and sharing. La réalisation d’une pièce si raffinée a demandé des heures de conceptions, d’imagination et de partage. Nothing happened by chance !

A precious fabric has been chosen in Italy near the Côme Lake in the silk city. A thousands of tourists come from whole over the world each year to visit its famous museum of silk and to discover the silk production steps used through the ages.

The talented fashion designers have worked with passion this delicate material respecting the technical rules, quality and necessary ethics requirements to reach the high development terms.

The dyeing colours have been inspired by Noreve universe and famouse Tentation Tropeziénne finish. We can find a Rouge Troupelenc (a Tropezian red), a Bleu Marino (a Navy blue), a Rose BB, a Negre Poudro (a black), a Darboun Sabla (a dark sand) and a Arange Clouquié (a Belltower orange).

Carré de soie

A deign is a sophisticated, pure and elegant. It consists of the brand emblematic picket (in the center) and the logo representing the moon and the sun that marks the unique imprint of Noreve brand.

Between luxury and refinement, the Noreve silk square is a sumptuous fashion accessory that is easy to be worn and fitted. It is real pleasure to wear it with a leather clothing in winter as in summer due to its adaptable thermal comfort and hypoallergenic properties.

Carré de soi

A true incarnation of beauty, this fabric of extraordinary resistance is not a creation of man but of animals, silkworms (bombyx of the mulberry tree). It is moreover what makes it so rare, so natural and coveted

Carré de soie

The Tropezian square can be divinely worn around the neck or on the shoulders. It can also be attached to the handle of a handbag, worn like a sexy top or wrap around the waist. You can imagine yourself walking long the port of Saint-Tropez with this touch of Glamor & Authentic.

Carré de soie

The suit pocket handkerchief is ideally worn in the pocket of a suit jacket or a casual jacket, depending on the occasion. It can also be worn at the neck decorated by a delicate knot. This is real incarnated Tropezian chic!

Through its new and exceptional creations Noreve brand is proud to have forged a strong historical link between the city of Saint-Tropez and Italy.

Become irresistibly Tropezians by adopting one of these luxury pieces of exceptional cults and glamor.

Here are some examples of Noreve novelties of 2017 you will love !

-         Apple Watch leather strap

-         Shoulder bags, rucksacks and shopping bags

-        Clutches and beach bags

-       Cotton T-shirts

Be informed of their official release on the Noreve concept store by subscribing here: upcoming products.

Useful links : noreve.comsuit pocket handkerchiefssilk scarves

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