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PressT_Cover 08.01.2015

Press’T© at tea time

Our experts have developed Press’T© with all their know-how

A unique, elegant and modern accessory for herbal teas. Made in France, fully by hand, 15 different steps are needed for it to be created; from the way it is cut to the engraving, undergoing the gilding or silvering process. Press’T© has had the utmost care and attention bestowed upon it, to make it the most beautiful tea accessory in the world.


Practical and smart, Press’T© is the ideal companion for all infusions. Your teabag can be pressed with subtle delicateness and sophistication, all while avoiding burning it. Simple to use, it is compatible with all types of teabag: standard, ball or pyramid. Its elegant Noreve leather case makes it easy to carry. A chic and different fashion accessory.

Numerous luxury hotels throughout the world have already instilled their trust in this vital “instant tea” accessory, to enhance this moment of pleasure.

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